in a cage she lies restless. slithers back and forth across dirty concrete, viagra order
the brown dust streaking hips, caries
knees, urticaria
sternum. she is both dark and light, shifting incessantly to the rhythm of blood pumping, systolic, diastolic.
ta-tum ta-tum ta-tum ta-tum

the cage is made of yellowed bones of my ancestors, cracked and brittle. she strokes me, seizes me, rips me away from the world, her arms grasping through the slots. i fear her, fear her as nothing that has plagued me before. her stories are hard as buildings, ichor like piss; salty, bitter.

from the hollowed marrow bars come ghosts, circling her patiently, caressing, soothing. their eyes glitter at me, twinkle with laughter at what only the dead find amusing. in the face of this my fear wears thin, my mind’s eye stares, confused. who is she imprisoned within me?

“look,” she orders me. “look at the dead who surround you. look at their desperate anguish. listen to the crunch of bones under their feet. this is your endowment, your heavy inheritance.” i survey the ordered wreckage of perfect right angles and know this is the tragedy of which she speaks. i slam myself into them, gouging hollows in my flesh.

i turn inside to her. she struggles to reach me, imprisoned within my mind, bearing the unwieldy legacy of the past. before me she shifts woman to man, child, serpent. her touch burns and comforts, making me huge she blows my tiny mind. my fate rests in her liberation, rests in the cradle of our union. my lover, my self, my knowing.

a poem i wrote!


& one day my heart grew wings of fire it burned a hole straight through my shirt & i was standing with all my love exposed for the world to see she drew me into her blazing center & shot me directly to the sun & i exploded in a million tiny flames which lodged themselves in the hearts of every person who lives- past present & future: a fiery web held us all within it’s grasp our connection resting gently in our chests a divine seed each containing the pattern of the entire universe.

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