if this poem

if this poem
if this poem was a magpie
it would steal your jewelry
and leave you laughing
and if it was a feather
it would glide gently across
your exquisite face
if this poem was made of gold
my love would melt it into
a luminescent puddle
and if this poem was made of fire
it would keep you warm
all your days and nights
and you […]


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i define my selves as metamorphosis, more about
frantically flapping wings, erectile
singing hymns and prayers of peace. tiny in this cruel empire, information pills
i […]

cain and abel

does not the broken
sand dollar have it’s own cracked
beauty in wholeness?
cain and abel
oh hope, refractionist
you tenacious thing
you tiny sun
you parasite
you crumbling cliff
you weeping willow
you rescuer
oh despair, generic
you blanket
you cloud
you lover
you dark cave
you heart attack
you murderer
tiny seed in me
you make me dream
in color, in hues
i cannot comprehend
you roll around
my deep places
illuminating my dark desires
baring my despair
leave […]

if you are under the weather and the weather is pummeling you

pain is symbolic of something.
pain is a directional isthmus.
there is a goal.
any specialist can tell you that.
you poor suffering, ignorant, pounding thing.
don’t be embarrassed!
you didn’t know!
that belly stands for an arrow
a monstrous, thrilling arrow.
the inferno of your nerves are the bridge.
pain is an unreasonable vibration.
pain is a bad songwriter.
pain dismantles syntax.
pain chews bones and brains.
don’t […]