i hope to shine golden
high and tall
blinking survivor signals
for those crashed and
tossed from the cliffs
of human cruelty.
lay your essence upon my
shore for a moment
weary traveler.
let my shattered soul suns
reflect on you
glory and divinity.
let my love be a golden
mirror. let it show you
only truth and never

divine grace

warning: this poem may be triggering for survivors of abuse
“too often
must dodge & weave
unknown traumas
within my mind
to find my way safely
thru this life”
– maggie grace
we were enchanted children
indigo grrrls
unpaid sex workers
sucking cocks
they shot darkness
behind the curtains
of our throats
children at their banquets
children are banquets
grandfathers hands
knead shoulders, heads
labor labor never rest
soldier children
stiff with one purpose
this hidden universe
forbidden […]


if your story is dull
water on stone
wearing you down until
one day there’s this
deep depression
right in the center of you
and there’s nothing left
to study but that hole
in your middle
and the whole has teeth
and the money never comes
and you find your eyes
they weigh a thousand pounds
the boulder that is
your whole your hole
and it has teeth. rotten
teeth that […]

for frida (and the angels standing guard ’round the side of my bed)

stretch towards me
tell me your secrets
i think of myself,
everyone does it
not hard to see the resemblance
i love and share your femmestache
our eyes that burn
our art that slips under the carpets
our gender fierceness
our light skin and dark hair
was your room your kingdom
your bed throne
i can’t talk about you
i can only ask
i don’t know things
i don’t know […]

i’m pain’s bitch

thank you pain
you bitch
thank you
you’ve made me your bitch
pain and i’m grateful i’m
so so grateful
you rip through me
deeper than any orgasm
thank you bitch
you pain
thank you
you’ve got me
collared pain
thank you
you touch my body
fingers of flame
every day
your love is so intense
pain you bitch
oh and every day you
fuck me til i cry
oh god
you rip my thoughts
out of my […]


she sits in the crooked branches of a maple tree
surveying the wilderness that surrounds her ordinary body.
she imagines herself strong and fast like a horse
with soft ebony eyes and muscled flesh.
the darkened windows in town see nothing.
burned ashes of the dead after battle
their charred remains pungent in the air
low moans of the wounded enter her […]

you say it doesn’t matter

why they left or came.
did they break like waves on the shores of
where did they land?
where did they come from?
you say it doesn’t matter.
pores are empty spaces on our flesh.
mine are filled with questions about
your grandmothers.
is it true you don’t remember
their names?
you say it doesn’t matter.
i’ve heard your scream in dark houses
with your eyes wide […]


this poem may be triggering for survivors of abuse and violence
i’m yeshua on the cross
nailed to this unholy body
stiff in my pain
i cry out
why hast thou forsaken me?
deliver me home!
home home
somewhere i am real
not corroded and broken
fake and inauthentic
take me somewhere there are no stories
no ritual abuse hysteria
no corpses crying out to me
“we are real. […]