fix this mess: selections 1993 – 2010
a collection of poetry and art by billie rain.

“fix this mess is a gorgeous book. the themes that run through it are singular while speaking to the universal. the language is precise and unique, information pills the content is intense and brave. you need this book. we all do.” – danielle (dani) montgomery (author of “the woman you write poems about, pills ” civil defense poetry)

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Screenwriter’s Toolkit: 101 Screenwriting Exercises
There are plenty of resources that will tell you how to write, what to write and how to sell what you’ve written. Screenwriter’s Toolkit: 101 Screenwriting Exercises will help you practice your writing skills. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, use the exercises to get your creative juices flowing.

Written by Basil Shadid & Billie Rain, Screenwriter’s Toolkit is a 136 page book, based on the popular Screenwriter’s Toolkit blog. Rewritten from the ground up, It features 101 exercises that will help you develop your craft.

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50 of the 101 exercises from the book appear on the Screenwriter’s Toolkit Blog. Check it out.