mixed-race manifest

I WILL honor my ancestors, refractionist
all of them
I WILL NOT use my ethnicity as a bargaining chip
I WILL define myself according to my own realities
I WILL NOT be defined by how others perceive my phenotype
I WILL seek community with other mixed-race folks
I WILL NOT be forced, or attempt to force others, into rigid racial categories
I WILL learn about my family history
I WILL NOT use that history to justify my existence
I WILL change my identities as i learn and grow
I WILL NOT apologize for differences or perceived inconsistencies
I WILL be responsible for my privilege
I WILL NOT force myself into a monoracial box
I WILL own the complexities of my histories
I WILL NOT soften or tone down my realities for others’ comfort
I WILL keep talking
I WILL NOT be silent

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