a poem i wrote!


& one day my heart grew wings of fire it burned a hole straight through my shirt & i was standing with all my love exposed for the world to see she drew me into her blazing center & shot me directly to the sun & i exploded in a million tiny flames which lodged themselves in the hearts of every person who lives- past present & future: a fiery web held us all within it’s grasp our connection resting gently in our chests a divine seed each containing the pattern of the entire universe.


  • wow…just wow. i loved it when i read it. i loved it even more when i heard it. wow.

  • thanks elizabeth!

    that’s a huge compliment. sunday should be really fun. i hope you’ll come!

    xoox billie

  • I effing looove this poem! And I effing love this website!! you’re gaymazing.

  • Elizabeth Lowe Edgerton

    I love this poem, Billie. I found it following the thread of links from Basil’s message about Sunday’s event. The poem resounds with my Beloved Guru’s Words.

    Hope you are doing well.

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